Everyone knows by now that duplicate content is a no-no, especially in the eyes of Google. In the past, content marketing experts got away with re-running the same piece of content 10 to 20 times, but not anymore. Now, you have to be strategic and disciplined enough to consistently create new, engaging content. An SEO company can provide content marketing services to ensure your blog is always fresh and unique. But what about all of the hard work you’ve already put into past content? Should they continue to be pushed down into the ranks, far from visibility, even if they are still highly relevant?

We learn that evergreen content is a key component in content marketing strategies. However, if you are posting content multiple times per week, that evergreen content is likely t Sommerseo  o never be seen. So what can you do to keep the value of you old content without getting in trouble with Google.

Transform Posts into an Infographic

People today are highly visual, which is why they love posts that contain images. Infographics are even better because it combines imagery and valuable information. You should implement charts, graphs and photos to help explain the data being portrayed. Catchy colors are also recommended to help draw in people’s attention.

Create a List Post

If you have a lot of posts about a specific topic, select the top 10 to 20 (preferably the most popular) and use them in a new list-format post. Add images to the post, possibly those used from the previous blogs, or create new ones. This way, it can be posted on social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Update with New Information

Posts that are data-driven can be updated every few years as new information is released. Take the time to research the same topics and introduce new data into the post before republishing it. Only focus on those that were popular and highly valuable. You can also rewrite completely to include the updated information.