I always find it helpful to break down specific positions into tiers. As always, the RB pool has some pretty distinct tiers. If you get any of these guys in the Top Tier, you’ve got a solid anchor to your squad.

Top Tier:
Chris Johnson $$72

Adrian Peterson $69

Maurice Jones-Drew $68

Ray Rice $66

Michael Turner $58

Frank Gore $55

Of course for every tier you can argue if certain players should be included or not and แจกเครดิตฟรี ufabet there is a pretty big swing in auction value from CJ to Gore ($17), but I believe these are all top tier talent.

Breakout candidate: Ray Rice

He had a great year last year, is very young and looks to be getting even better. Baltimore loves to run and Rice is a great receiving back as well. I don’t think he’s come anyway near his ceiling yet.

Safest Play: Maurice Jones-Drew

CJ and AP are also very safe, but you’re going to have to pay for them. It feels like last year could be CJ’s ceiling, well, you would think. AP looks steady to, but the fumbles are somewhat concerning if he keeps slipping up. Jones-Drew is the every down back who gets goal line work and 3rd down receptions. The Jags aren’t a great team, but he is their best asset and they have to feed him.