While many of the PBS kids games on the PBS Kids site are dedicated to help your child develop educational skills there are also arcade games that your child, older siblings and even parents can enjoy, a handful of these games are free and so exploring them can be fun for the entire family.

Although these arcade games are designed for younger children it is quite easy for parents and even older siblings to get hooked on to them as well. Honestly what is there not to love about being a fishing Santa and trying to catch 30 underwater fairies on your hook in just 60 seconds. So okay, the PBS kids games aren’t rocket science but, some are more difficult than you think and they can make for an enjoyable half an hour of computer play with your child taking turns to defeat the evil pumpkin, trying to find the right lost dog and even keeping your balloon afloat without getting it burst by the stars in the sky.

While you and your child are having fun playing these PBS kids games your child is also learning a few basic computer skills such as moving the arrow keys and using the mouse both of which are much harder than you think for small children to master. The games also provide a break from the more educational games and keep your child interested.

Even though there are only a handful 3raja slot of these games, young children seem to find them highly entertaining and usually get hooked on playing at least one of these games. Parents are finding innovative ways to use these arcade games for their own benefit. Some parents use these arcade games to spend a little extra special time with their child. Other parents use allowing their child to play one of these arcade games as a reward for good behavior or doing something special. The real appeal of these games however, is that they lack the violence of most of the video games today. Parents who don’t want their young children exposed to car wrecks, guns being fired and other extremely violent images find the PBS kids games especially appealing.

Why not check out the PBS kids games for yourself and the next time that your child is bored and you are at your wits end of how to entertain her perhaps, the two of you can a have a rousing game of fairy fishing, going up or plankton life. Be careful though those fairies are darn cute and sometimes hard to catch and you just might find yourself hooked on one of these fanciful arcade PBS kids games. There is probably more than one parent who has heard themselves saying “Pleeease come play plankton life with daddy.”

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