Internet has become a big hit everywhere and now it has something to do with our lives. It is not interesting? How the world has changed from outdoor games to video games and now to online games. Well, these games are not a big deal anymore because if you take a statistical model, more than 40% of people are crazy about the various online games available on the internet. It’s the new level of entertainment and the new hobby and all you need to enjoy it is an internet connection.

I would put gaming as a technology together rather than calling it a genre. It should be seen that there is some network through which you can play on the computer and the basic network is definitely the Internet. The excitement of the game increases when there is a multiplayer option and you are competing with a person you just met online who is now your competitor. There are also single player games. There are several sites that offer A to Z lists of online games to choose from. And the list is growing day by day with more games being developed all over the world.

The range of online games can be easily categorized from basic text games to complicated graphics that include virtual world and multiple players playing at the same time on the same platform. Development of java and flash enabled to use streaming videos and games on the internet. This is one of the main reasons that led to the expansion of online gaming. The games are divided into several basic types in educational games, strategic games and there are even some games that incorporate everything that people used to play in life “back then” in virtual graphics. Thats not all.

Games can also be adventurous and give a feeling that we are actually doing and experiencing what we are playing. There was this game concept called MUDs, which are multi-user virtual worlds in real time. Now, the เว็บบอล  new style of gaming that has become so popular since broadband came out is MMOGs, which have expanded into massively multiplayer online games. This allowed thousands of players to play the same game at the same time. There are many types of MMOG like RPG, RTS, and First Person Shooter etc.

With the technology we have today combined with the ideas and concepts from the gaming world, we can certainly say that these games still have a long and colorful way to go. It is so sure that there will come a time when there will be something better that will take over the current trend of online gaming. Something bigger, something better, and something even more powerful and real. You don’t know what technology can do…until then, you can sit at home and play with people from all over the world and just enjoy technology.

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