Dual layer DVD burners are modern recordable drives featuring the ability to burn to dual layer DVD media. As the name indicates, a dual layer burner has twice the burning capacity of a single layer burner.

Most of the DVD burners available in the market are single layer ones. The new comers, dual layer DVD burners can solve almost all the problems related to recording on DVD discs. A single layer DVD burner is restricted to burn only 4.37GB DVD discs, but a dual layer burner can burn a DVD disc Phenq fat burner before and after of 8.5GB and the time extended up to 4 hours of video storage. The recording speed changes from 2.4X, 4X to 16X. One can select dual DVD burners from some of the popular brands such as ASUS, Sony, Pioneer, Memorex, and Samsung.

Dual layer DVD burners, shortly DL burners, support DVD±RW (or, -R/-RW and +R/+RW operation – allowing rewriting on the both layers of a disc). In other words, these burners write to the DVD discs on both the +R/+RW and -R/-RW formats. These burners allow you maximum portability and compatibility, and provide the option to choose any desired rewritable format. Internal and external type dual layer DVD burners are available.

A wide and low energy laser beam is used to burn the upper and lower layer of DVDs. Initially, the lower layer of the DVD disc is subjected to burning. Only half the percentage of total laser power is used for burning the lower layer. After this task, the burner automatically directs the laser beam to the upper layer for the next round of burning.

Although they are among the most useful hardware in the burning industry, dual layer DVD burners are still very difficult to manufacture. This accounts for the instability in pricing. Currently, this type of burner usually costs twice the price of single layer burners.